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Gender Equity in Gaming


Gaming has become more than playing video games. According to research video games can spark a child's interest in technology focused-careers, improve critical thinking, and hand-eye coordination. However, like many high-paying careers, and sports, overall females receive less encouragement and often are behind their male counterparts when it comes to seizing avantages and benefits.


Ohio Youth Development G2W Gamers is a proud recipient of ONSIDE GAMING GRANTEE


Gyrlz to Women (G2W) Gamers

G2W Gamers' mission is to advance females in STEAM technology through competitive gaming, so they are afforded career, and positive online social interaction opportunities. 


G2W Gamers' vision is that every female is afforded gender equity in every facet of human life choices and opportunities, and she may reach for her highest potential without roadblocks of gender inequality.

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